Stella Olsen Park
Stella Olsen Park, one of Sherwood’s first parks, is a 22 acre community park located in the heart of Sherwood. Stella Olsen is known for its natural setting and wildlife. It’s considered by many to be Sherwood’s jewel. The park provides a restful, wooded setting for all to enjoy. There is a multi-use path through the wetland connecting the park to West Villa Road. The north 4 acres are dedicated to limited activity centered on two islands formed by three channels of Cedar Creek. Ten acres of wetlands, woodlands and riparian areas have been reserved as a natural area where only passive recreation is allowed. Cedar Creek is significant because it has the potential to support Steelhead (an endangered species) and already supports Cutthroat Trout.

Several restoration projects have taken place within this park to maintain the quality of the land and water. Invasive species have been removed and the park has been replanted with native species such as flowering dogwood, red osier dogwood, ninebark, black cottonwood, and Oregon ash. Waterbars were installed to prevent erosion on the trails. Two viewing platforms, song bird boxes, wood duck boxes, and bat boxes are all in place. These projects not only protect our local wildlife, but also provide Sherwood families and students the opportunity to learn about wildlife, wetlands, and stream ecology; to contemplate the personal relationship we have to nature; and to consider the conditions we are leaving for our children and grandchildren.

It is our goal to post photographs here of Stella Olsen through the seasons. If you have photos taken at Stella Olsen that you’d be willing to share with us, please email them and we’ll post them and give you credit for the photo!
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Skunk Cabbage

Western Red Cedar

Pacific Banana Slug